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Always Give Your Best Performance -- People Are Watching

FUN FACT: This is a picture of me and Bette Midler after my debut performance in the musical The Princess & the Pea! From Middle School through Grad School I was a Theater Nerd. To this day, I'm a sucker for LIVE performances.

Maybe that’s why I when I started facilitating workshops for a living I couldn't help but look at the classrooms, offices and board rooms I was facilitating in as my own personal stages.

When we work -- We are performing. When we are performing the PRESSURE is ON because people are watching. If the performance is bad people may CHEER or they may BOO!

If you're a PARENT, your Stage is your Home. If you're an EDUCATOR - Your Stage Is your Classroom. If you're a MANAGER, Your Stage is your Team Meeting Calls. Whatever stage you're on ALWAYS give your BEST PERFORMANCE!

How do you think your life would change if you started using your voice and speaking your truth?

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