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The Lessons

For The Future


Breaking Out of the Internal Dungeon

The Challenge

One of the QG participants had become silent, withdrawn and unable to keep her grades up. Counselors expressed concern because she had not been this way in the prior school year. Though she showed up, she was disengaged and had to be coddled during the sessions. Something was off, and our concern was that it would spiral further out of scope.

The Solution

We provided a safe space for the student to learn and participate at will and without pressure. Eventually the student came to me personally, then to the group, sharing that one of her parents was recently diagnosed with an extreme health condition. Read below for the full story…

The Story

The student came to me one-on-one and shared that her mother had been diagnosed with Stage 4 Liver Cancer. At that point, she was forced to leave her home and move in with her father (whom she barely knew) because her extended family were concerned about her witnessing her mother’s health quickly deteriorate.


Clearing the Path to Mentorship

The Challenge

A Brooklyn school district endeavored to activate a series of mentorship programs for teenage girls, but did not have a faculty trained to effectively facilitate such a group. Additionally, the women who signed up for hosting the group weren’t sure if they were emotionally and mentally prepared to lead a group without letting their own personal situations and coping mechanisms get in the way.

The Solution

In two group facilitation training workshops I lead a group to uncover their personal story, which served as the fuel for this great work, while equipping them to first resolve their own inner conflict, and then provided the structure to help their mentorship groups do the same. Read below for the full story…

The Story

A NYC School District had a beautiful vision to bring girl empowerment programs to 30 of their elementary and middle schools. This vision was brought to life by mentors – ranging from Assistant Principles to teachers — from each school getting a trained to learn how to powerfully facilitate their own social and emotional focused sessions with students.


Reclaiming Your Throne at Any Age

The Solution

By focusing on the Foundational Principles of choice and consequence as delivered in the Reclaim Your Throne program, I was able to powerfully intervene by working directly with the participant during the session. The conference attendees watched the interaction, as I modeled action-based compassionate coaching. The participant received the support she needed and everyone was able to self-reflect and grow as a result of her willingness to be vulnerable. Read below for the full story…

The Challenge

A university wanted to bring education and awareness to their students and faculty for a mental health conference. Given the diverse range of ages and experiences in the audience they needed someone to deliver powerful, active exercises without having some in the group feel isolated or as if the workshop held no relevance for them.

The Story

A university hired me to speak and facilitate a workshop at an annual Mental Health Conference they had been hosting for the past 15 years. The audience was a mix of both college age students, administration professionals and professors. “What Will It Take for You to Reclaim Your Throne?” was the topic of the speech, highlighting the importance of having a developing a regular “assessment regimen” to support participants in taking their leadership to the next level.



“Decades of experience working with women and girls on empowerment issues informs this ‘rating’ of excellent for Regine Roy’s work. I have witnessed Regine’s Public Speaking, Program Production, and Workshop facilitation – all demonstrative of her creativity, organizational skills, and importantly, her authenticity.”

Professor Safiya Bandele

Emeritus Director of Medgar Evers College Center for Women’s Development

“Regine just spent the last 6 weeks working with a group of our Queen Geniuses at my school and it has been such an amazing experience for them. These young women are beginning to see their future in such a different way. Their impact on the school community through the way the carry themselves is tremendous. Their confidence has been lifted and teachers are seeing that manifested in their academic performance.

Thank you Regine for your work within our school community. You certainly left your mark with these young ladies and we don’t want to lose the momentum this positive partnership has created.”

Claubentz Dieujuste, Ed. S

Principal at Victory Collegiate High School

“Ms. Regine is a powerful professional and entrepreneur. I was impressed by her diverse suite of student offering that are applicable to the many growing pains of our young ladies. Workshops were executed with intention and precision, thus allowing students the freedom to express themselves. Ms. Regine’s checkpoints and follow-up were deliberate and allowed us to shift when necessary. Overall this was an impactful experience for the young ladies of QC and wonderful partnership with Queen Geniuses, Liberty Partnership Program and Queens Collegiate.”

Camille Jacobs

Assistant Principal of Queens Collegiate High School



“Attending Ms. Regine’s workshops and conferences helped me to see that there were other kids my age dealing with some of the things that I deal with. I don’t have to keep to myself and hold things in. When I speak up, that’s when I actually have a chance of actually getting what I need.”

Nyasia Palmer

High School of Fashion Industries

“You can tell that she cares. She wants us to win and she says that winning is always possible. Even when I don’t always believe that, it’s cool to have someone who is cheering you on, in good and bad times. I’m learning how to do that for myself.”

Kayla Adams

High School for Service & Learning

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