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Regine Roy has created programs that support students, parents and professionals in developing strategies and techniques that support them in accomplishing personal and interpersonal goals. With an expertise in group facilitation, she is able to powerfully create inclusive environments that promote learning, skill development, and positive behavioral change. All programs are customized, the general scope of which is outlined below:


Why me

I am flexible in supporting clients to meet their goals through engaging, relatable workshops for Middle School to College age students. I also am proficient in facilitating team building professional development training and family engagement workshops for educational institutions and corporations.
My workshops enhance professional culture, build powerful communication skills and support participants in producing results in their work and personal lives.

How I work

I provide both in person and virtual Speaking Engagement and Group Training Sessions that are curated and catered to the needs of each client.


Speaking & Training

Regine Roy is a dynamic speaker, educator and influencer for audiences of all ages. She provides speaking and training engagement services for people of all ages. Through interactive presentations and workshops, she has enlightened, educated and powerfully engaged leaders in professional fields, ranging from academia to corporate.

For Students

Regine Roy has created Queen Geniuses workshops for students are intentionally created to enrich, strengthen, and supplement the growth and development of young participants.


The interactive workshops utilize a leadership development-based curriculum that encourages students to think critically, communicate powerfully, and seek opportunities that empower them to take action in pursuit of their personal goals. Schools and organizations can choose a wide variety of workshop topics and programs for their students to participate in. 


For Family Engagement

Regine Roy offers a myriad of specialized workshops curated to support parents and caregivers to powerfully develop new skills and practices to promote children’s social and emotional growth and to establish a continuum of support between home and school.

For Professionals

Regine Roy works in partnership with educational institutions, organizations and corporations to support teams in working as a cohesive unit. She helps educators to develop students’ social and emotional skills, use restorative practices to make schools more compassionate and equitable ultimately strengthening the culture in classroom and school communities. Workshops can be customized between one and six hours.



Speaking Topics

Regine Roy is an astute specialist with deep and insightful knowledge in how to create a life on your own terms. Regine has an overflow of passion that’s noticeable when she speaks. Her objectives are to deliver a message that is motivational and actionable at the same time. She is known for her fierce dedication to speaking honestly and openly about these very important issues.

In addition to her work with young women, Regine also conducts educator and mentorship training seminars for those in need of assistance with their professional teams both in and out of the classroom. Regine is highly recommended by corporate executives, policymakers, school administrators, teachers, students, and parents alike.

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•    Leadership is Messy

•    Manifest It. Build It. Sustain It.

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