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Past Conferences

QG Flyer 2018.jpg

6th QG Conference –

Never Let Your Crown Fall

The theme “Never Let Your Crown Fall” created a SAFE and BRAVE space for young women to share about the challenges associated with leading over various aspects of their personal empires We also discussed what systems and solutions to newly implement in order to lead powerfully and prevent personal crowns from falling.

Notable Speakers & Performers: Our Side of the Story, Empress Varnardo, Yaa Asantewaa Nzingha

QG 2017 Flyer.jpg

5th QG Conference –

It’s In Your Hands

The theme “It’s In Your Hands” focused on the importance of young women taking personal responsibility of their future legacies. Participants engaged in a personal inquiry about what is important to them on both a macro and micro level while also discussing the imprint they want to leave on the world!

Notable Speakers & Performers: Ericka Hart, Sore Agbaje, Latoya Shauntey Snell, Ayanna Wilks, Brooklyn United Marching Band

QG 2016 Flyer.jpg

4th QG Conference –

Know Your Worth

The theme “Know Your Worth” gives participants the opportunity to assess the quality of their relationships, friendships, food they consume, education, resources and love that they allow or do not allow into their lives on a regular basis.

Notable Speakers & Performers: City Council Member Laurie Cumbo, Ifetayo Cultural Arts Academy

QG 2015 Flyer.png

3rd QG Conference –

Reclaiming Our Throne

The theme “Reclaiming Our Throne” gave young women the opportunity to figuratively sit on the thrones of their personal empire, their lives. They inquired about the areas of their lives where they are powerfully governing and ruling while also, exploring the areas where they are submissively hiding out and not taking action.

Notable Speakers & Performers: Congress Woman Yvette Clarke, Jen Mazer & Mr. Reed

QG 2014 Flyer.jpg

2nd QG Conference –

Manifest It. Build It. Sustain It.

The theme “Manifest It. Build It. Sustain It., encouraged participants to inquire about their personal meanings of abundance, passion and success, while simultaneously learning the tools to sustain what they are creating.

Notable Speakers & Performers: Arva Rice, Jen Mazer, Yaa Asantewaa Nzingha, Audible Chocolate & Ifetayo Cultural Arts Academy

QG 2012 Flyer.jpg

1st QG Conference –

Uniting Sisters Across Generations

The theme “Uniting Sisters Across Generations” gave young women and elders and opportunity to collaborate and share wisdom that lies within us all, regardless of age.

Notable Speakers & Performers: Safiya Bandele, Maya Azucena & Kamaria Hodge

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